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Project 8p supports individuals from around the world who have been diagnosed with an incurable chromosome 8p disorder. This disorder is hard to diagnose and can affect every cell in a person’s body.

We are asking you to rally friends, family, and company colleagues to support our work and feel great about doing good.

Starting a fundraiser is easy to do, and it's fun. Here are some ideas and the tools you need to make a difference to get us closer towards treatment.

  1. Start a personalized fundraiser of your own - click on the Blue Button "Start Fundraising" and follow steps
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Our donations will help fund Project 8p’s Family Connect Travel Grants to their summer 2021 conference in Colorado, providing travel assistance to 8p families with a financial need. This conference not only connects 8p families to researchers and doctors working to understand and find treatments for 8p disorders, but it also brings together families and 8p heroes (those affected by the disorder) who live with a sense of isolation due to the rarity of their diagnosis.

The Shah family, founders of Project 8p, know how important it is for all 8p families to build a community with others who understand their unique challenges and successes. As such, they have pledged a 3 to 1 matching gift on all donations made through the end of 2020. That means when you donate $50 to Project 8p your total impact will be $200! I’m proud to be one of their supporters and I am excited that by joining together, we can improve the lives of everyone living with 8p.

Thank you so much for your support.

Any Questions? Please email us at with Subject "Help me start a fundraiser".

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