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Donate with Us: Together Towards Treatment

We need your help to create a path to treatment for neurological chromosomal disorders by funding research and a standard of care.

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Your generous donations and support will help the 200 families and counting impacted by a rare chromosome 8p disorder. Some of our genes are missing, some are duplicated, and some are flipped around. Despite being rare, our genes are clues to common neurological diseases. Our 8p heroes and families have many questions about what to expect, who to go to to help? Project 8p is working passionately to achieve answers. Researchers are trying to help uncover which genes or pathways are affected, how they work, and what treatment options are possible. Without your donations, 8p heroes face daily challenges in normal things most take for granted like walking and talking. They also deal with serious health impacts with cognitive impairment, seizures, autism, and heart defects. Please Join the Cause.

Project 8p Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization with EIN 83-2545342.
All contributions are deemed tax-deductible.

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