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Give to 8p families with a 2:1 Match - Together Towards Treatment

Become a Global Difference Maker to create a path to treatment for neurological chromosomal disorders by driving research and a standard of care.

$81,924 raised

$150,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Give to 8p families with a 2:1 Match - Together Towards Treatment

Your generous donations and support will help over 350 families and counting impacted by a rare chromosome 8p disorder. Despite being rare, our genes are clues to common neurological diseases. Our 8p heroes and families have many questions about what to expect and who to go to to help? Project 8p is working passionately to achieve answers. Researchers are trying to help uncover which genes or pathways are affected, how they work, and what treatment options are possible. Without your donations, 8p heroes face daily challenges in normal things most take for granted like walking and talking. They also deal with serious health impacts with cognitive impairment, seizures, autism, and heart defects. Please Join the Cause.

This year, we raised awareness to researchers and clinicians that want to help us find the clues to the puzzle of 8p diagnosis and find treatment.

Some of these exciting 2021 milestones are:

  • July 2021, Colorado - Hosted our Moving Mountains Science and Family Conference with over 400 attendees
  • Led the creation of a Commission on Novel Technologies for Neurodevelopmental CNVs
  • Launched the Chromosome 8p Registry and Biorepository for an integrated Health Data Platform
  • Launched 1st Neurogenetics Multi-Disciplinary Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Colorado

To support our new Five Year Strategic Plan, Project 8p is raising 150,000 this giving season with a 2:1 match from the Shah Family to accelerate the research of chromosome 8p towards a cure and standard course of treatment. We ask you to please consider giving this season to support these focus areas:

  1. Robust education and family and scientific conferences to connect us all over the world
  2. Expand access to clinical care and scale our Neurogenetics MultiDisciplinary Clinic to help us better understand what to expect with 8p and our unknown future
  3. Sponsor research with leading scientists to create mini brain organoids to identify targets for therapies

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