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Donate with Us: Together Towards Treatment

Become a Global Difference Maker to treatment for brain disorders by driving research and a standard of care.

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Your generous support will help an expanding community of over 550 families whose lives are touched by rare chromosome 8p disorders. These 8p heroes and their families navigate the challenges of uncertainty as they search for answers and much-needed assistance.

Your contribution directly fuels our mission to find treatment and establish a high-quality standard of care for our remarkable 8p heroes. With your steadfast support, our dedicated team continues to work tirelessly, empowering our community and translating our research and scientific endeavors while upholding our patient-led culture.

Our Impact:

  • Galvanized and inspired a global network of renowned researchers, enlightened doctors and credible medical centers. Funded top research investigators focused on the most promising outcomes and breakthrough treatments.
  • Created the first-ever global patient registry with patient information for clinical-trial readiness.
  • Designed systems to promote Open Science, accelerate knowledge transfer; and incentivize collaboration—all core to our value system.
  • Facilitated international conferences, monthly roundtables and Share What Works programs with scientific researchers and medical clinicians. This has allowed families to understand symptoms and prognosis for better care and invaluable coping information.

Looking Ahead:

To support our Five-Year Strategic Plan, Project 8p invites you to become a Global Difference Maker to:

  • Sponsor Research for a Cure
  • Provide robust education and support by fostering global connectivity within the entire 8p community through online interactions and Family & Scientific Conferences.
  • Expand access to clinical care and scale our Neurogenetics MultiDisciplinary Clinic to help us better understand what to expect with 8p and our unknown future

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